Leveraging AI With Your Video Surveillance System From Platinum Security

Tech Team

Each year, the anticipation around AI’s impact grows, and this time, it truly feels transformative. The benefits of this revolutionary technology are especially evident in the video surveillance industry. Today’s video security systems boast an array of advanced features, from Smart Video Search to customized alerts and sophisticated filters. Modern security cameras have evolved beyond mere passive observation. Here are five remarkable ways AI is reshaping the landscape.

Conversational Interaction with Your System

Imagine needing to find a specific event on your recorded video in the past. You’d have to painstakingly scrub through hours of footage. Now, AI-enabled video management systems (VMS) let you use everyday language to identify people, vehicles, and objects. AI algorithms analyze video at the image level and attach metadata, indicating, “there’s a vehicle here” or “there’s a person there.” This allows for natural-language searches, similar to using Google (“person with red shirt” or “black Mazda”). You can even set alerts for predefined events, so you don’t need to constantly monitor the screen.

Reduce Support Costs

AI technology can filter out visual noise from overactive cameras, eliminating alerts for trivial events like a paper bag blowing by or a stray cat in the parking lot. This capability is particularly valuable for large properties or areas with numerous parked vehicles. By reducing 80-90% of false alarms, AI helps your central monitoring station focus on real threats, saving money on support tickets and avoiding time wasted on non-issues.

Minimize Distractions

For properties with extensive security camera networks, AI can help maintain a small, efficient on-site security team. With features like Smart Layouts, AI makes self-monitoring easier and more efficient. Instead of watching 100 cameras, the software highlights only those with meaningful motion, allowing security guards to focus on areas where activity is actually occurring.

Enhance Retail Operations

Retail businesses can leverage AI to extend the functionality of their surveillance systems beyond safety and theft prevention. AI analytics provide data-driven insights such as foot traffic patterns, customer counts, peak wait times, and parking occupancy. This information enables businesses to make informed decisions about staffing, training, and operations, ultimately boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Identify Vehicles with Ease

AI-powered license plate recognition (LPR) technology is now accessible for many security systems and offers numerous applications. It’s invaluable for businesses like car rental agencies that need to track vehicle movements. It can also alert you if a disgruntled ex-employee returns to the workplace or help childcare facilities and schools confirm who is picking up a child. LPR technology provides critical insights and enhances security across various scenarios.

AI has advanced far beyond our initial expectations and shows no signs of slowing down. With cloud integration, AI models learn from vast datasets, continually improving in accuracy and speed. From understanding human language to managing parking, AI is becoming sharper and more sophisticated every day.

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