Video Monitoring

Our virtual guard video monitoring service, enables your cameras to draw immediate attention to an intruder on your property, prompting us to intervene right away and notify local authorities before a crime occurs

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Verify A Crime In Progress Within Seconds

There are different approaches to monitoring your surveillance video. There’s traditional video monitoring, which is the reactive approach that involves manually checking in on your cameras.

Often, business owners find themselves doing this with no specific rhyme or reason. The reactive approach creates gaps in surveillance; typically, its only effect is helping to solve crimes after the fact.

If you’re looking for a more effective approach, we recommend opting for our proactive video monitoring service instead.

Automated Assesment

Intelligently assess the motion being captured to determine if it is a vehicle or person.

Real-time Notification

Notify our monitoring center if the motion is from a person committing suspicious activity.

Activate Live Intervention

Trigger intervention from our monitoring center (a live agent warning the intruder through the voice speaker, followed by calling the authorities if needed).

Replace or Supplement Live Guards


Additional Features of Video Monitoring

Here are some other reasons to consider using Platinum Technologies for your afterhours business security. 

  • Police take video-verified threats very seriously. Response times are often faster for these prioritized calls.
  • The service is more affordable than hiring live security guards, and often more reliable.
  • Unlike traditional video monitoring, our proactive service connects to the dispatcher without requiring you to verify the event. This saves precious minutes.
  • The service can be assigned to specific areas of your property, during the hours you determine.

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