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Our Mobile Surveillance Systems, fitted with the latest surveillance technology, and rapidly deployable to any job site, parking lot, or off-grid location that needs remote video monitoring.

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Mobile Surveillance Trailers With Remote Video Monitoring


Platinum Technology is proud to offer mobile surveillance trailers with award-winning video surveillance technology for any location needing live remote monitoring, crime deterrence or real-time police response. The uses are endless: parking lots, construction sites, parks, schools, universities, government buildings, police departments, and most off-grid locations.

Our surveillance camera trailers offer the advantage of rapid deployment, remote monitoring and the flexibility of placing cameras in off the grid locations.

This allows us to protect your site 24/7 using high-end security technology. The platform detects people and vehicles with tremendous accuracy and alerts a live remote operator to intervene as needed.

Remote 24/7 Live Viewing

Monitor your site with cellular connected technology with Live Monitoring available to monitor your property real time, 24/7.


Real-time Notification

Smartphone app management provides mobile video viewing on demand, event-triggered alerts. View all your protected sites through one simple to use app.

Activate Live Intervention

Trigger intervention from live two-way voice intervention upon activity. Have a pre-recorded message or live agent proactively keep your property safe. 

The Best Video Surveillance Trailers in Dallas & Fort Worth

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Additional Features of Rapid Deployed Video Monitoring Trailers

Here are some other reasons to consider using Platinum Technologies on-site video surveillance trailers for your business . 

  • Advanced Video Analytics: AI-powered video analytics maximize surveillance by filtering out false emergencies and calculating the risk of intrusion events.
  • HD Long Range Cameras: Each unit can be customized to include up to four cameras with a range of 150-200 feet, enabling coverage for large open spaces.
  • Mobile App Viewing: Smartphone app management provides mobile video viewing on demand, event-triggered alerts. View all your protected sites through one secure portal.
  • Cellular Network: With a dedicated cellular connection, there’s no need for an internet connection.

Secure Coverage, Anywhere You Need Coverage.

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Job Sites

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Parking Lots

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School Grounds

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Special Events

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Equipment Lots

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Public Parks

Installed, Monitored & Managed by Local Security Professionals

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From multiple access levels to personalized alerts, we ensure that your system adapts to your unique business environment, providing a security solution as unique as your enterprise.

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