Commercial Access Control: What It Is and Why It Matters

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Protecting your company and employees shouldn’t just be limited to having simple locks on your doors. While those can be useful, you’re going to want more robust and more sophisticated protection. You probably want to grant different access for various people that enter your building. For instance, you may authorize some individuals to have full access to your entire office, whereas you may give others limited access.

A way to ensure you best protect your Dallas company is a comprehensive access control solution. Keep reading to find out about commercial access control and how it can benefit your Texas business.

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Video Capability

Having surveillance cameras around your office property can let you see who’s coming in and out. You don’t have to worry about security camera footage of being grainy and hard to see; there are high-definition cameras available that can capture high-quality video. Another great feature you can take advantage of is live streams of footage you can view from anywhere, as long as you have internet access.

If you need more sophisticated tracking, you can also get detailed audit trail reports that let you know where individuals went and when.

Magnetic Door Locks

Magnetic door locks, also known as electromagnetic locks or maglocks, are known as one of the most secure lock options and are compatible with any access control system. They utilize an electric current — electromagnetism — to produce magnetic force. When electric power energizes the magnet, the bolt locks the door and prevents anyone from forcing it open.

Doors with maglocks pass the test for rigorous building and fire safety codes, and they are incredibly reliable for security. While they are tough to hack, they are quick and easy to install — making them a popular security choice for offices.

Biometric Fingerprints

Fingerprint-based security doesn’t only exist in futuristic movies. An increasing number of offices use biometric identity authentication, and your business can take advantage of them too. Every person has a unique fingerprint, and thus a fingerprint-based security system scans a person’s fingerprint to verify their access. Fingerprint scans are virtually unhackable and are the most sophisticated technology for authentication. Since everyone has individual access, you can customize each depending on their work hours and the areas of your property they are allowed to enter.

Centralized Management

With a commercial access control system, you’ll be able to manage all your entries from one interface whether in a dedicated IT or security office or through a mobile app while you’re off the property. Through this interface, you’ll be able to grant access, lock doors, activate your alarm, view surveillance footage, and review security logs. For larger enterprises, you can even integrate multiple properties under one system for added peace of mind and efficiency.

Businesses have so much to protect — staff, customers, products, equipment, confidential information, and so much more. To ensure your company has top-notch security, consider the above access control features. At Platinum MediaWorks, we specialize in commercial security for the Dallas business community and would be happy to schedule a no-obligation consultation for you. Give us a call today!