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5 Ways to Improve Your Business’ AV System

Tech Team

How Conference Room Audio Video Systems Will Improve Meetings

In this blog, we’ll take a look at five simple technology upgrades that can make your Dallas, TX conference room audio video system run more efficiently, so you and your staff can continue to be better informed and more productive.

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Video Display

The most obvious upgrade to any AV system is the video display. When you install a 4K display, it’s easy to share information to every corner of the room with crystal clear video quality.

From streaming video content to conferencing, even PowerPoint presentations can look stunning and grab attention when you install a 4K Ultra HD display.

Sound System

While video displays are the most popular upgrade, they’re not always the most effective. Sound systems can do a lot more and help ensure your staff is getting the information they need.

Surround sound audio can reach every part of the room without peaking or hot spots. That way, your staff can hear everything no matter where they’re sitting.

For larger rooms, public address systems integrate microphones and speakers to guarantee you’ll be heard, even when you’re speaking at a normal volume. The best part? You can control the volume of the system with a touch-screen device, so you’ll never have to worry about complex control interfaces or poor quality.


While in-room technology is what many business owners focus on, you can get a lot out of upgrading your cabling. It’s an investment that will maximize your workspace.

Fiber-optic cables are essential to streaming full 4K video content and lossless audio simultaneously. Thanks to increased bandwidth and longer range than HDMI, fiber-optics ensure your business network will suffer fewer outages and less downtime.

Whether you want to stream content from the server room or share videos throughout your office, fiber-optics can make it easy.

Lighting Control

Another often-overlooked aspect of your AV system is the lighting. It can have a direct impact on the way your visual content looks and the reception you will get from your employees and clients.

With a smart lighting system, you can dim the lights and draw attention to the display. Use zone controls to create spotlights, so anyone speaking can command attention. Your presentations will be more engaging than ever.


With so much AV technology in your conference room, one of the easiest ways to control it all is through integration. With an automation system, you can do a lot with the touch of a button. Your business will seamlessly integrate to provide you with the most productive work space possible.

With just one touch, drop down the projector and screen from alcoves in the ceiling. Motorized shades lower, lights dim, and the sound system turns on to the ideal volume.

Additionally, you can select the right content to begin streaming directly from the same interface on your computer or tablet. It’s so simple and your business will save time.

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