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Enhance Resident Experiences with Smart Apartment Access Control

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Cloud-Based Access Control Adds Value to Your Properties While Making Tenants’ Lives Easier

According to a recent study conducted by Apartment List, Dallas ranks among the top five markets in the nation for most money spent on new multifamily construction. To stand out in such a saturated market, Dallas apartment developers must offer innovative features and amenities that make tenants’ lives simpler, safer, and more luxurious.

Overcome competition by investing in a cloud-based apartment access control system that empowers users to open entries and grant access to guests from the convenience of a mobile app. Plus, property managers will be able to support and protect their property from anywhere, at any time.

Read below to learn more about why you should choose a smart access control solution for your multifamily developments and how Platinum MediaWorks can help.

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Deliver a Seamless Digital Experience for Tenants

Access control systems are a popular pain point among renters. Whether it’s forgetting their keycard for the pool or having to travel down several floors to bring up a visitor from the lobby, getting around the apartment building can quickly become a frustrating endeavor. A smart access control system makes it easy by allowing tenants to access and grant access to various areas of their building with a mobile app.

Tenants can open the lobby door and the parking garage gate, access the right floor on the elevator, let in guests, and get into the apartment gym and pool after hours with a couple of taps on their smartphone. This convenience is a surefire way to not only attract more tenants but make them want to stay longer.

Expand Management Opportunities

Smart access control is beneficial for property managers, too. From one integrated platform, managers can remotely monitor and manage access to all entries throughout the building and quickly assign and revoke mobile credentials for access. In the event of a fire or intrusion, management can instantly unlock all common-area entries or secure certain parts of the property for optimal safety.

Additionally, management can set access control schedules to automatically lock up amenity areas after hours and unlock them in the morning. Should there be any sign of unauthorized access, management will receive a real-time alert of the event through the mobile app.

We Partner with Brands You Can Trust

For 15 years, Platinum MediaWorks has been committed to delivering the very best in commercial access control, automation, and security solutions for our valued Texas clientele. That’s why we only work with industry-leading manufacturers, such as Alarm.com and Brivo, to install customized cloud-based access control systems that promise reliability, scalability, and user-friendliness for tenants and building managers.

While Alarm.com is engineered for small and medium-size dwellings and Brivo for large dwellings, each access control platform is powerful in design and intuitive in operation. Both platforms also offer intelligent insight reports that give visibility into activity trends for better access monitoring and management practices. Our team can assist in selecting the best platform for your needs.

Make your apartment shine in Dallas by offering a smarter access control solution that enhances tenants’ experiences, expands management opportunities, and adds property value. To learn how to get started, contact our technology professionals here, or use the chatbox below to speak with us now!