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Better Protect Your Texas Business with an Access Control System

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Manage Multiple Properties from One Centralized Location

The security of your business is vital to the efficiency of its operation. The last thing you want to worry about is whether your building is secure or not. Access control systems do more than just secure your business. They have a high return on investment and streamline operations to make both you and your employees’ lives easier. Whether it be one property or many, you can manage who has access to your business from one centralized location. Learn three ways that an access control system will increase the efficiency and function of your Fort Worth, TX business.

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An access control system offers a variety of advantages for your business. Key cards and PIN codes are much easier to use than traditional keys. It will take your employees less time to enter and leave the building because they will not have to dig around for the correct key. Key cards and PIN codes can be instantly deactivated or updated when employees leave, when your team hires new staff, or if a key card gets lost. For added security, you can use surveillance cameras to verify that the person using the access code is authorized to do so.

From one centralized location, you can manage multiple properties and entryways without having to leave the comfort of your office. You can even save money with your access control system. The return on investment includes less cash for keys and lock replacements.

Employee Access

Employee access is managed easily with a remote access system. Individually personalized access codes can be assigned and revoked with ease, so you know who is entering and leaving the building around the clock. You can create profiles for different job roles so that you can easily assign access levels without having to input them for each employee. Your complete control doesn’t end there. Input your employees’ schedules, so they are only able to access the building when they are scheduled to work. If anything seems amiss, you can easily audit who has entered and exited the building at specified periods of time.

Commercial Automation

Take your security a step further by integrating your access control system with your security system, lighting, shades, and more.  A comprehensive commercial automation system can automatically arm your alarm and lock your doors when you close. Schedule your shades to lower, turn off all the lights, and set the thermostats to eco-mode with just the push of a button. Save on utilities without even having to think about it. Commercial automation improves the efficiency of your business by cutting out tedious and time-consuming office management tasks.

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