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Ask Yourself If Your Access Control System Can Do These Things

Tech Team

Make Your Dallas-Area Business Safer with These Improvements

If your business needs to be secured from the general public, or if you’d like to simply know when specific rooms or offices are accessed throughout the workday, then an access control system is imperative for your Dallas, TX business or commercial property.

Keep reading to learn two great features a new or upgraded access control system should have and how these features will make your system better than ever.

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Activity Monitoring

Most access control systems can auto-populate activity logs for managers. These activity logs provide a detailed record of who entered specific locations and include time stamps. While this information can be vital to any business, it could be better.

An upgraded access control system will be able to notify managers via email, text or smart device notification whenever the building is opened in the mornings or closed in the evenings. It can even send alerts when unapproved access is attempted. Paired with a commercial security system, your access control system can comprehensively protect your commercial property or business, and will notify you and the proper authorities if there is a security breach or break-in.

Controlled Access by Area

Sometimes access to certain areas of your business needs to be managed on a by-person basis. A trusted access control system installed by Platinum MediaWorks can help you monitor and control access to critical locations of your property—not only the front and back entry points.

If your business’ parking lot should only be open to employees, your access control system can limit access with a coded entry gate opened only by a unique identifier code, key card, or even biometric scanner. The same biometric technology can also restrict access to specific floors of your business, allowing only upper-management or those with a particular security clearance to access certain elevators or floor access from the elevators.

Platinum MediaWorks is dedicated to providing the best-in-class service to businesses in the Dallas area, from access control to improving audio/video technologies. If you’re ready to make your access control system better than it’s ever been, call us today at (469) 331-0328, use our online contact form, or chat with us using the box at the bottom of your browser. We can’t wait to hear from you and help make your business more secure.